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Interview with a GMP Production Scientist

By Emma Weatherall

Can you tell us about yourself and your role at Advent Bioservices?

I am a scientist who moved down from Scotland a little over two years ago now. In my spare time I enjoy music, board games, skiing and playing squash. I have a scientific background in biomedical science, stem cells and GMP QC testing.

As a Production Scientist in the manufacturing team, I initially joined at our London site and soon moved to help with the set up of our exciting new Sawston facility. At Advent, I manufacture cell therapy products for clinical use. Manufacture of these products takes place in Grade A-D cleanroom environments and involves a lot of preparation, teamwork and testing.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Advent Bioservices?

At Advent we have a fantastic team and excellent collaboration, not just within Production but company-wide. The Sawston facility is very enjoyable to work in as all of the cleanrooms, systems and equipment are brand new. There is a flexibility to the Scientist role which is enjoyable – some days can be cleaning or monitoring, some days involve working across departments solving problems or writing quality documents, and others involve manufacturing or distributing patient products. Making therapeutic products that will help others was one of the main points that attracted me to the role.

What unique attributes/education/skills do you bring to the table in your role at Advent Bioservices

I like to think I have a positive attitude which helps me in my role and the morale of the team. I am a team player and will communicate openly, ensuring others are heard. I also enjoy helping outside of my usual responsibilities which is important in a new facility. Scientifically, my strength is working with cells, having an MScR specialised in stem cells and a background working with cell lines. This experience was highly transferrable to work at Advent.

How does the company help you to do your best work?

Advent offers a lot of training and opportunities for personal growth. The team always ensures everyone is heard and all ideas are considered. Advent allows for independence but also if I need help, it will always be available. Outside of the Scientist role, the social committee organise events such as pub, badminton and bowling. I have also had the opportunity to attend conferences and events to learn more about the industry.


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