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Ultra Cold Storage

State-of-the-art Cryostore and Freezer Facility for client ‘off-site’ storage.

We are a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) with an onsite Biobank Cryostorage and  -20 to -80 Freezer facility for your cold Storage needs.

Freezer Facility

From -20°C to -80°C Using independent refrigeration systems to maintain reliable and uniform ultra-low temperature environments, our  fully validated and maintained  freezers provide flexible  storage solutions for a wide  range of sample types, sizes, and containers. All monitored with 24/7 alerts.


LN2 generation. Our state of the art cryostore has a large capacity for vapour phase liquid nitrogen (LN2) storage, which is generated on-site with manual backup. With the use of automatic filling systems and a disaster recovery plan in place, our cryostore is fully validated and maintained with 24/7 alert system in place

Flexible Accessible Service

Collaborate with our friendly and experienced staff for your short or long term storage needs. We offer Process Development as well as Production Services for Cellular therapies and can provide a bespoke service to clients. The facility is  easily accessible to clients from nearby transport links and has connections with contracted logistics companies.

Quality Compliance

We maintain the highest safety standards, using NIST traceable sensor calibration on our ultra-cold storage solutions. Licensed by the HTA for storage and distribution of human cells and tissue, we operate to GMP Quality Management System standards and use 21 CFR Part 11 compliant monitoring software for real-time and historical data analysis. The facility has HSE clearance for Storage of external client GMO material(s) in vapor phase liquid nitrogen (LN2), -20C or at -80C (GM3660/22.1)

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