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GMP Manufacturing

The state-of-the-art multiproduct GMP facility near Sawston in Cambridgeshire (UK) provides large-scale cleanroom capacity and related support. 

Our Staff

  • We have proven experience in technology transfer processes into our facility and delivering GMP grade products using various scales of cell culture and expansion.

  • Clients utilising our service will benefit from the experience of our expert production team, which includes extensive knowledge of establishing manufacturing processes that ensure critical control points are monitored and critical quality attributes are met throughout.

  • We have extensive experience in APS design and execution to ensure that all processes are qualified according to the highest GMP standards.

Our Cleanrooms

  • Our GMP cleanrooms are specifically designed to manufacture cell therapies for all stages of development from clinical trial to commercialisation.

  • The cleanroom space comprises Grade D, Grade C and Grade B cleanrooms with Grade A cabinets allowing for secure aseptic processing.

  • Our state-of-the-art Environmental Monitoring System ensures that products are manufactured in fully validated, fully compliant monitored conditions.

Our Clients

  • We provide reliable, flexible and accommodating expert services including scale-up of Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products.

  • We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that all needs are met.

  • Our clients can be confident that their final product will be safe, compliant and of the highest quality to meet clinical timelines and budget.


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