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Congratulations to Selena who has been awarded one of the ISCT Europe Master Programme Scholarships

Han Yu (Selena) Hsieh, BSc

Senior GMP Production Scientist

Advent Bioservices Ltd Cambridge, United Kingdom

Selena was educated at the University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor’s in Molecular and Cell Biology. She began her professional career in academia with a focus on iPSC research before moving to industry where she gained almost a decade of experience in ATMP manufacturing across Asia, USA, and the UK.

Through this Master degree, Selena is looking forward to connecting and learning from professionals in the programme and together bring new therapies for more patients in the future.

The selected scholars will receive fully funded scholarships to enroll in the 2023/2024 Master Degree and Specialization Degree in Manufacturing of ATMPs at the University of Granada/ Andalusian Network for the design and translation of Advanced Therapies.

These scholarships are made possible in part by an educational grant

from Miltenyi Biotec.


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